What is NATO

Nato is an international organization. Some nations that were members of the United Nations Organization established a new unification and solidarity Organization among themselves on 4th April 1949. This organization established by U.S.A, Canada, France, England, Iceland, Netherlands, Belguim, Italy, Denmark,Luxembourg, Norway and Portugal. Turkey joined this organization in 1952 and Greece joined  in 1954. Also, East Germany and Spain joined in 1982. Today, there are currently 29 members in NATO. NATO is headquartered in Brussels, the Belgian capital.

Political Aims of NATO

Supporting of democratic values. Consulting security and argument problems of member countries, cooperating with other countires, create an atmosphere of mutual trust and to provide facilities to prevent conflicts in the long term.

Working bodies and duties of NATO


Each member country has a permanent delegation at NATO’s political headquarters in Brussels. Each delegation is headed by an “ambassador”, who represents his/her government in the Alliance’s consultation and decision-making process.

The Nuclear Planning Group: Has the same authority as the North Atlantic Council regard to nuclear policy issues.

Nato Council: Consists of  Permanent Representatives or foreign ministers of the Member States. These meetings are chaired by the Secretary General of the NATO and discuss economic, military, political and cultural issues

Secretariat: It’s mission is to conduct current affairs off NATO. It consists of the Secretary General and Assistant Secretary General.

Military Committee: Consists of the Chief of General Staff of NATO Member States.It is subordinate to the NATO Council. Defence issues are discussed by Military Committee. The committee also has a tripartite group with a Permanent Group name. This group does the job of the executive organ. It has mission which give orders to NATO Commanders when required.

NATO has four major commands. These:

European High Command,

Atlantic High Command,

Command Of The English Channel Committee,

The United States Is The Canadian Region Command.


Under-Secretary General responsible for the committee: Bersu Cengizoğlu
Agenda Item I: Natural Gas Drilling Situation in East Meditterean
Agenda Item II: Cyberspace in the Context of International Security .