United Nations Security Council

The UNSC is the most powerful organ of the United Nations, responsible for ensuring and peace away member countries. While other organs of the United Nations can only decide recommendations, UNSC’s desicions are binding an all member countries. Furtheremore the UNSC has 15 member countries. Five of these countries are permanent members and ten are elected members. In detail, the UNSC has ten provisional member states with permanent members the US, the UK, France, Republic of China and Russia having the right to veto resolutions. The 10 rotating member countries are elected every two years by elections to the General Assembly of the United Nations. The presidancy of the council changes hands between the member countries once a math.

                There are also opposing views fort his council because five permanent countries. Which have veto power also the world’s largest arms produciy and marketing countries. Same circles are skeptical that the Security Council countries, which are main actors of World  arms trade, can make decisions that will make a lasting retribution to World peace.

                In conclude, although there are same doubts, the couincil an ensuring international peace and security is promosing for World peace at the Moment.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda